{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: At The Playground

Hello all!  This is my first post in the weekly series, Wordless Wednesday. To explain a little better, it’s basically a post I’ll put up every Wednesday with a single photo featured, and the point is, the photo speaks for itself. I, however, have always been known for bending the rules (slightly, where applicable 😉). Some photos require more ‘splainin, so I’ll keep it to a few sentences, depending on my mood. While this particular post actually has paragraphs (defeats the purpose of wordless, doesn’t it?!), I wanted to give you a brief intro into the post series, so you don’t see future posts and think,”WTF is this?”. That all folks! Stop by next week to check out my next {Almost} Wordless Wednesday post. 😊

Josh on his new bike at our neighborhood playground.