Play date:Lego Store-Model Build Class

During the first week of November, public schools were closed for Election Day and Josh didn’t have class. A while back one of the autism moms I met through the autism parents support group here in the Bronx suggested we meet up that day to take our boys to the model build class the Lego Store was having. I didn’t want to spend the whole day at home, which is usually why I do when I don’t have anything planned out with him, so I happily agreed.


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I wanted him to eat at home so he wouldn’t be so hungry on the way there, so I made us lunch, got him ready and told him we were going to meet his friend Kevin at the Lego Store “in the city” to make a Lego shark with him. He was excited to see him and couldn’t wait to leave, so much that he wouldn’t let me get dressed in peace, lol. It felt like he was asking me,”Can we go now?” every 2 minutes. The last time he saw Kevin was when he came to visit him in the hospital after his surgery, and he’s the one that introduced Lego’s to Josh, so he was very eager to see him again.

We got there and Kevin and his mom were already there. There were so many cool Lego displays, all he kept saying was,”Wow, this is so awesome!”.


Lego Santa on Display


We made our way to the area where there were some tables set up for the kids to work on their Lego model build. We waited a few minutes for the other kids to finish up, then Josh and Kevin went up and started building. Josh still isn’t that great with the very small pieces, so I helped him by putting the piece lightly over where they were supposed to go and telling him to push them down.


The instructors there were great. They were very engaging with all the kids and Josh was excited to show one of them his completed masterpiece. So much so, that he extended his arm out to show the instructor, but a little girl was standing next to him and he put his whole arm right in her face to show the instructor his shark. Sometimes he has problems with reading his peripheral view and personal space, so I calmly told him to be careful with the other kids around him and he quickly said sorry. Poor kid, I see him trying but these things just don’t come as natural to him as they would to any other kid.

Once the boys were done with building their model sharks, we looked around the store a bit and I told Josh he could pick out one small lego toy to buy and take home to work on together. Of course, he wanted all the bigger playsets like this Ferrari F40 and the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion, but I told him those are best saved for Christmas or something, (they’re like $80-$100!).

He ended up picking out this Holiday Express set and I threw in one of these Lego Minifigures from the Series 14 Monster collection. They’re mystery packs, so you don’t know what you’re going to get when you buy it. We ended up with the Zombie Man, which is very fitting for me being that I’m a huge Walking Dead fan.

After we finished with our purchases, we made our way outside to try and get some pictures of the boys with their finished products and Lego Passports.

While we were taking the picture, they noticed this water fountain outside the store and ran towards it because they wanted to throw coins in it.

Then Josh noticed a lego model in the window of a character from one of his favorite movies, Cars Movie, and had a fit because he wanted to look for it in the store to buy it. We had just looked all around the store and I didn’t see any lego sets from the Cars movie, so I had to try to calmly explain to him that the one in the window is just for display, that we can’t buy it. It wasn’t easy but after some convincing, he finally moved on.

After walking away from the display window, they spotted the ice skating rink right outside and stood there for a few minutes just watching all kinds of skaters go by. Josh asked if we could go skating, but I didn’t think it was the best idea. Plus, I don’t like doing more than one activity with him in a day (unless I absolutely have to), and I was SO ready to get something to eat and go home.


Rockefeller Center

While we were making our way to a pizzeria for a quick dinner before we got on the train, the boys were fascinated with pretty much everything we saw downtown, which I don’t blame them, there were some pretty cool sights. It took us about half an hour from when we left the store to the pizzeria (which wasn’t too far away) because of all the stopping and looking around. They were having fun so we just let them enjoy the moment.

Once we finally got to the pizzeria, we all grabbed slices and the boys took out their sharks to play with while they ate. At this point, I was so hungry & tired from the day, I didn’t take any more pictures, lol.

I’m so happy Josh had a good time and I’m already registered for the December class.    If you want to find out more about the Lego Store’s model build class, you can click here to see locations available. The next monthly build class will be on Dec. 1&2 (varying times).
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