Stride Rite Made2Play Kids Shoes Review

Finding really good quality sneakers for Josh has been quite difficult at times. When he plays, he plays hard and running holes through the bottom of his shoes and sneakers has happened too often for me to know the exact number anymore.

When I attended the Mom Trends Back to School Event earlier this summer, I was excited to see that Stride Rite was in attendance showcasing their new collection, the Made2Play Collection.

Mom Trends Back to School Event - Stride Rite

I received these some of these awesome sneakers from the collection and I have to say I am really pleased with them. The ones I received were called Kid’s Stride Rite Made2Play Fleet Boot, Kid’s Stride Rite Made2Play Jake Sneaker, and the Kid’s Stride Rite Made2Play Ian Sneaker. I couldn’t get too much footage of Josh wearing them because of the surgery he had last month, but he wore them on the first day back to school (1st grade!) and a few times after when he was follow up doctor appointments. I love how easily they go on especially since his foot is still wrapped in a bandage. I can still wrap his foot in it and the shoes go on nicely.

When I ask him if they feel good, he tells me yes. I know it’s true because I tried to put on another pair of sneakers I have for him and he screamed in pain, saying they were “too tight!”. He’s come a long way with with language skills, but he still has trouble putting words together correctly to express himself. In this instance, I know he understood way I was asking him and was able put his thoughts and words together to tell me that the Stride Rite shoes “felt good”. He’s been wearing them for the past few weeks and I really want to get him a few more pairs, especially the sneaker boots, which would be perfect for winter!

Being that these sneakers don’t have laces, it’s great for promoting his independence, as he often puts them on himself with no trouble and closes them with the strap. We’re working on shoe-lace tying, but he’s still having a hard time with the fine motor skills involved with that so these are great for building up his confidence and promoting something he could do for himself. I encourage him by cheering him on and he smiles and gets really happy when I do, so I know we’re headed in the right direction.

To check out the rest of the collection, head over to Stride Rite’s website and stay tuned for a chance to win your own pair of Stride Rite shoes in an upcoming giveaway this week!

For now, check out the video below for a little slideshow I put together of the shoes up close and Josh wearing them.

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