{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Follow up at the doctor’s office

About 2 weeks ago, I found out Josh had an infection in his foot (by his ankle) after his dad and I took him to the E.R. and they ran blood tests (that was especially difficult because Josh has anxiety about needles and doctors). We informed all the doctors, nurses and staff that he was a child with autism and it may be hard for him to communicate what kind of pain he has and that he might have trouble understanding what was going on.


Adults, teens and should all get flu shots.

They were all very kind and patient with him, but his anxiety about having blood drawn was so severe that they had to get what’s called a “papoose board” to sort of hold him down while they drew blood.

Doesn’t it look like some sort of torture device? He absolutely hated it, but it was the best thing the nurses’ could have used because they couldn’t draw his blood any other way, they really tried. He just kept moving too much and he is actually pretty strong, so although I hated how it looked and how scared he seemed to me,  I knew it was necessary.

Let me rewind to how we even got here in the first place. Earlier in the week, I noticed he was limping and didn’t want to put any pressure on his right foot, and I didn’t think much of it because I didn’t see any swelling or redness and he didn’t have any type of fever. So I just kept him home from school for a couple of days (the other 2 days in the week school was closed anyway). I honestly thought that it could’ve been one of his big toy trucks that fell on his foot and that it would eventually heal on its own.

Once I noticed the area was getting swollen and a bit red, we brought him to the emergency room Thursday evening and he was admitted into the hospital early Friday morning. They informed us that Josh needed surgery to “flush the infection out”. They couldn’t tell us how or why he got this infection, which is what scared me the most because how can I make sure he is safe in the future and that this doesn’t happen again? He was treated with antibiotics through an I.V. until the doctors thought it was safe for him to take it orally. He was discharged Monday afternoon but because he still had trouble walking and we were also waiting for a walker to be delivered AND he had 2 follow up appointments, I decided to keep him home for the rest of the week.

I took this picture last week when he had one of his first follow up appointments. The doctors say he is healing nicely and pretty soon he won’t need to use the walker anymore.