Play date:Lego Store-Model Build Class

During the first week of November, public schools were closed for Election Day and Josh didn’t have class. A while back one of the autism moms I met through the autism parents support group here in the Bronx suggested we meet up that day to take our boys to the model build class the Lego Store was having. I didn’t want to spend the whole day at home, which is usually why I do when I don’t have anything planned out with him, so I happily agreed.


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Stride Rite Made2Play Kids Shoes Review

Finding really good quality sneakers for Josh has been quite difficult at times. When he plays, he plays hard and running holes through the bottom of his shoes and sneakers has happened too often for me to know the exact number anymore.

When I attended the Mom Trends Back to School Event earlier this summer, I was excited to see that Stride Rite was in attendance showcasing their new collection, the Made2Play Collection.

Mom Trends Back to School Event - Stride Rite

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Follow up at the doctor’s office

About 2 weeks ago, I found out Josh had an infection in his foot (by his ankle) after his dad and I took him to the E.R. and they ran blood tests (that was especially difficult because Josh has anxiety about needles and doctors). We informed all the doctors, nurses and staff that he was a child with autism and it may be hard for him to communicate what kind of pain he has and that he might have trouble understanding what was going on.


Adults, teens and should all get flu shots.

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: At The Playground

Hello all!  This is my first post in the weekly series, Wordless Wednesday. To explain a little better, it’s basically a post I’ll put up every Wednesday with a single photo featured, and the point is, the photo speaks for itself. I, however, have always been known for bending the rules (slightly, where applicable 😉). Some photos require more ‘splainin, so I’ll keep it to a few sentences, depending on my mood. While this particular post actually has paragraphs (defeats the purpose of wordless, doesn’t it?!), I wanted to give you a brief intro into the post series, so you don’t see future posts and think,”WTF is this?”. That all folks! Stop by next week to check out my next {Almost} Wordless Wednesday post. 😊

Josh on his new bike at our neighborhood playground.